We All Have Indigenous Roots

Without knowing it my whole life has been a movement towards reconciliation with my human ancestry. I’m not 100% sure where my European bloodline comes from, but through family discussions I have an understanding that they’re of French and Spanish origins. Moving to Europe in 2005 was an attempt to find some part of myself. When I was living in Spain I made great friends, Now I call them part of my family.

Being so far from my home in Mexico through my formative adult years, living in London trying to establish a sense of Self, I felt I could become anyone. I was a blank canvas, and thanks to my somatic yoga practice, I found my home in my body.

I moved into inhabiting my cells, and this evolved into the quest of reclaiming my true family trails and lineage, as well as their suffering and trauma. Now I am in a process of making peace with these parts of myself, and helping my ancestors heal what they couldn’t.

I found a golden thread of my roots, an ancestral wisdom, and I remembered that I am connected with the Earth and the stars. I sang to the sea and the mountains, I could talk with the deer and the coyote. I can now say I am a Yaqui Indian from Sonora. I know my story where I come from, it is not beautiful, actually it is full of murder, starvation, slavery, war, denial and shame, and the indigenous scars of being punished, being killed and been called pseudo human. This is my past, this is my path of healing.

My blood has been infused with the colonial, mechanistic movements, the drive of pushing forward into an idea of progress, abandoning the essence of all human sustenance and respect for who we are, where we come from, and where we will all return: to our beautiful Tonantzin Tlalli or Mother Earth.

Now I am back on the path, back to my indigenous roots, my birth right, my truth and my life. As a descendent from Native American heritage such as the Yaqui and Aztec I found myself after studying very deeply the white culture of our current times the need to spread the teachings and medicine of my grandfathers and grandmothers, the elders.

I find out that the exploration of traditional Cacao medicine and somatic movement journeys have a very similar healing process, they both work in a very awake state of consciousness, they both plant the seeds of awakening of the senses; touch, taste, hearing, seeing, smelling. They both balanced the nervous system in order for you to be ready for transformation in very subtle ways, but with long lasting effects.

We all have indigenous roots and to reconnect with them is our Birth right.

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